you've got a message, we help you deliver it...
you've got a message, we help you deliver it...

custom [ .psd ] artwork


The 'custom' [ .psd ] artwork is available for an edit, fresh, custom or template project we are currently working on or have recently completed requiring .psd artwork.


This is an Adobe PhotoShop .psd layered file available to enable further project edits. 


We will supply a copy of recently completed/latest edited artwork in a layered format.


This service does include the following edits;

  • A .psd file format of existing artwork.
  • Available for all our current clients across all sectors.
  • Exclusively available as an add-on service for our current projects only.

This service does not include any changes, redesign or resizing (file will remain as previously set).


If, this is the ideal service for your project, simply;

  • Click the existing project above (requiring.pdf artwork)
  • 'Add to cart' and proceed to checkout.
  • Insert details and any further instructions.


    Client will need to submit the following items for this service;

    • Must accurately select the existing project for which the .psd artwork is required (incorrectly selected 'existing project', may lead to additional fees and project delays - individual artwork fees are stated above - just email us if unsure).
    • Client may need to submit further details/images items for this service.


    Once we have received your order details, we will complete your artwork request and you will receive the following item from us;

    • A .psd and .jpg format of current artwork.
    • All artwork, material and details will be submitted online as per our instructions.


    • Please ensure contact details are correct as we will contact you to complete your order (should you not hear from us within 24hours, please email us directly).
    • Once we have received your order details, we will contact you to submit your project details.

    Following, are some not so exciting details just to make sure you know exactly what to expect from us and we can all get on with doing what we love to do.


    • We will send your requested .psd and .jpg file within 7 business days from the date we receive all requested information.
    • Further edits/changes will incur an additional fee as per our hourly rate.
    • This service is for digital files only and does not include any physical product.
    • This service does not include any printing of any kind.


    • We do not correspond or discuss any artwork/material with any printer or third party.
    • We do not take any responsibility for incorrectly submitted artwork specifications/requirements, it is the responsibility of the client submitting the task to supply us with the correct information.
    • We do not accept any responsibility for any images or content submitted for the task. It is solely the client's responsibility to ensure that they have the legal right to use the image/content/material submitted for their project.
    • Any project we need to re-do due to incorrect information will be charged as a separate project and charged for accordingly.


    • Once we receive your order, the client will have 5 business days to submit the requested information. If we do not receive the requested information or instructions within this period, we will cancel the order.
    • Please note that we do not refund cancelled orders. We will try to contact the client via supplied contact details and if we don't receive a response, we will cancel the order without a refund.
    • Incomplete or unusable artwork submitted to us will not be considered a 'custom' edit and will incur a 'custom' project or fixed project rate dependent on time required to complete task.
    • Incorrectly selected 'existing project' above will incur an additional 'custom' project or 'hourly rate' fee, dependent on time required to complete task.

    If, you have read and agree to the terms of this service, please proceed with your order.

    We love what we do and look forward to working with you - your brand was 'born to stand out'!


    add-on services

    Further edits available by adding a 'custom' [ half hour ] or [ hour ] design service;
     edit options - [ rework artwork ]  [ add element/item ]  [ remove element/item ]
    Simply, follow link to view details. 


    Prefer a [ fresh ] look on artwork or a ready-to-go [ template ] ?
    Just email us if you're looking for a total custom service. © copyright

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