you've got a message, we help you deliver it...
you've got a message, we help you deliver it...

custom [ startup ] session


The 'custom' [ startup session is ideal for any start-up or established business requiring advice on how to start or refresh a business.


This half hour one-on-one consultation is available to newbie founders who are looking to start a business and not sure where to begin or business owners who are out of ideas and/or unsure of their next step. It’s also great for established brands looking to refresh their image or who would just like a fresh perspective.


This service is available to:

  • Any startup or established small business across all sectors.
  • One-on-one phone/live chat with startup/branding expert.


  • A half hour chat about your startup or existing small business (Discussing any area in need of assistance, issues, challenges and possible solutions).


This service does not include the following:

  • We do not offer financial or legal advice. We are able to direct you to the appropriate product/service able to assist you.


You may add the following additional services:

  • Additional half hour session/s at time of booking (simply, select a time eg.12.00 & add to cart, return to 'custom [ startup ]session, select an additional half hour session eg.12.30, add to cart & checkout).
  • You may also purchase additional half hour session/s at a later stage.
  • A custom ‘hands-on’ service where we take over as many tasks required to free up some of your time and you can focus on other tasks at hand.
  • Once we establish what is required and how we can assist you, we will give you the option of continuing on an hourly basis or fixed task/project fee.   


This service offers advice, options & solutions in most areas including the following:

The Set Up Stage

  • [  Research  ]   Customer, Market, Competition etc.
  • [  Business Plan  ]    About Product/Service, Target Market etc.
  • [  Budget  ]    Start-up Cost, Cashflow, Pricing, Profit Margins etc.
  • [  Structure  ]   Sole Trader, Partnership or Company.
  • [  Records  ]   Small Business Accounting Systems.
  • [  Name  ]    Business Name, Trademark & Domain availability.
  • [  Registration  ]   Business Name, Trademark, Domain & Social Media etc.
  • [  Tax  ]    Australian Business Number (ABN), Goods & Services (GST) etc.
  • [  Space  ]    Office, Warehouse, Retail or Home based.
  • [  Payments  ]   Secure In-Store & On-The-Go Options.
  • [  Team  ]   Reliable suppliers and staff members.

The Creative Stage

  • [  Marketing  ]    Product, Place, Price & Promotion.
  • [  Brand  ]    'The Relationship', how consumers perceive & feel about your brand.
  • [  Brand Identity  ]    'The Design', logo, print & digital media, packaging, website etc.
  • [  Branding  ]     'The Process', build a certain image, shape the perception of your brand.
  • [  Print Design  ]    Stationery, Flyers, Signage, POS, Promotional, Ads, Merchandising etc.
  • [  Digital Design  ]    Website, Digital Content, Social Media & Posts, Email Marketing etc.
  • [  Hosting  ]   Website & Email hosting.

The Launch Stage

  • [  Test  ]   Assistance with checking website, checkout, payments etc.
  • [  Launch  ]   Assistance to launch your business via event, online, other etc.
  • [  Operational  ]   Assistance with any adjustments for smoother operations.
  • [  Custom  ]   Assistance with a task you require to launch or run your business.


This service does not include the following:

  • We do not offer financial or legal advice. We are able to direct you to the appropriate services and they will be able to assist you.


If, this is the ideal service for your project, simply:

  • Select one or more sessions.
  • 'Add to cart' and proceed to checkout.
  • Insert details with any further instructions.


Client may need to share the following items:

  • Images, content, concept and any other item of interest (all discussions and details are completely confidential).


Once we have completed our one hour chat session:

  • You will receive brief notes highlighting discussed topics and any recommendations.


  • Please ensure contact details are correct as we will contact you to confirm your session date and time (should you not hear from us within 24hours, please email us directly).
  • Once we have received your session order, we will contact you to submit some brief details with regards to the purpose of your session, this will assist us assist you quicker.

Following, are some not so exciting details just to make sure you know exactly what to expect from us and we can all get on with doing what we love to do.


  • We will email requested information regarding any products/services discussed and the final decision to engage any third party will be entirely upon yourself.
  • We do not accept any responsibility for any third-party product, service or other.
  • We align ourselves with reliable and trustworthy third parties, those who have proven their commitment to the service/product they provide and/or reliable recommendations from proven and reliable sources.
  • Please note that we will do our very best to assist you with your questions and try to direct you to the correct people who may be able to further assist you. Should we not be familiar with a particular situation, we will try to put you in contact with someone who may be able to (please email your brief details highlighting areas of interest so we may inform you of the best possible solution).
  • This service does not include any product or service of any kind.


  • Please note that we do not cancel or refund orders. We will try to contact you via supplied contact details to arrange another date and time. Should we not receive a response from yourself within 5days, we will cancel the order without a refund.

If, you have read and agree to the terms of this service, please proceed with your order.

We love what we do and look forward to working with you - your brand was 'born to stand out'!


add-on services

Additional graphic design services available for startups;

 design options - [ print ] media  [ digital  ] media  [ startup ] services

 Simply, follow link to view details. 


Prefer a [ custom ] design service or a ready-to-go [ template ] ? 

Just email us if you're looking for a specific custom service.

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